Crime and vandalism – and the fear they create – are a few of the problems facing schools and public bodies across the country. Even though it takes more than secure buildings and systems to solve these problems, they can be powerful factors in helping reduce crime and other similar behavior.

CTS Group helps evaluate ways to provide safe and secure learning and working environments for occupants. We design custom strategies by optimizing building efficiencies and implementing necessary infrastructure improvements to create the safety measures that best meet our clients’ needs and situations. That includes:

  • Access control, including monitoring surveillance
  • Control and track visitors
  • Protect occupants from external threats
  • Card entry system
  • No keys that can be duplicated
  • Locks do not have to be changed out
  • Reports of what key was used
  • Operational savings

The CTS Group does whatever is necessary to ensure the safest, most secure environments possible. We combine proven safety programs with the latest physical security technology designed for the community near the facility, as well as:

  • Combine proven safety programs with the latest physical security technology
  • Improve ingress and egress and track movement in buildings
  • Assure fire and public address systems meet current code requirements