A more comfortable and healthy facility has solid, quantifiable benefits for its occupants, such as:

  • Higher attendance
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved test scores

Buildings exist to provide an indoor environment conducive for the people who work, study and reside inside it. To make the indoor environment as positive as possible, ASHRAE and other engineering organizations have set design standards to achieve these levels of comfort and health. There is research and collective data available which provides information on the key elements that impact people and productivity the most. This data is measurable and provides ideal goals to keep in mind as the project is being developed, implemented and measured for success.

The project managers and engineers with the CTS Group have a solid understanding of a facility’s critical elements:

  • Thermal comfort (typically 68-74 degrees)
  • Moderate humidity
  • Ventilation (CO2 under 1,200PPM)
  • As much natural lighting as possible without glare
  • As much control over the environment as possible by occupants

We work to design, construct and produce measurable results, which lead to a quality and productive indoor environment.

To see research that supports a quality learning environment, go to: http://www.ncef.org/pubs/outcomes.pdf

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Take His.

“Our district was faced with a critical need to improve our indoor air quality. We had been experiencing school closings due to illness, lowered attendance levels and students were having difficulty staying awake as the day progressed. The recommendation and work performed by CTS addressed these concerns and many others. Since the improvements have been made, we have not experienced one day of closing due to illness and our attendance rate has greatly improved for both students and staff. We attribute this to the success of the project and the establishment of a comfortable environment. Everything I expected of CTS is there with a relationship built on trust and loyalty.” Everything I expected of CTS is there with a relationship built on trust and loyalty.”

John Link, Superintendent