To get the right answer, you need the right mix of people to tackle the problem. Right from the beginning, our goal is to establish an understanding of your needs. Our CTS team is dedicated to seeing that your best interests are met throughout the project. Giving our employees that kind of responsibility allows them to take pride and ownership in their projects. This in turn yields benefits that you won’t be able to find in the contract. Benefits like responsiveness, attention to detail and a positive attitude.

First We Break Down The Problem To Find The Right Solution

In order to deliver solutions that achieve your goals, we rely on proven methods, such as:

Preliminary Infrastructure Analysis

At the start of each project, we’ll sit down with you one on one to collect key information and determine your priorities, needs, key decision dates, budget, financial restraints and the requirements to move the project to the next level of development. Once we have the key information necessary, the real work can begin.

Facilities Needs Analysis

This is where we determine what it is we have to work with. We begin by studying the building condition and system's inefficiencies. We gather and analyze data such as blueprints, type and condition of equipment and maintenance issues. This helps us understand your system better and may point to where inefficiencies lie. Top administrators are involved to make sure we have a clear understanding of your goals and the plan to improve your facility’s operation, comfort and safety conditions.

Procurement Assistance

Once we agree on a plan, we can then assist you in the procurement phase. We help draft any grant proposals for funds that might be available. Public entities are required to competitively advertise for a Request for Proposal or a Request for Qualifications. We assist our clients in developing RFP/Q documents, specifications and other requirements that can help secure the necessary funding.

Detailed Energy Analysis and Design

To determine project cost and scope of work, our engineers take the information gathered from the previous steps and put together a comprehensive engineering and project development work plan. We then work to find quality sub-contractors and suppliers – right there in your community whenever possible – who will help complete the project. Our engineers also develop complete energy reduction plans that result in guaranteed energy savings for your project.

Contract Approval and Project Implementation

This is what all of the previous work has been leading up to: signing the final contract and implementing the project. Here, we capture all of the technical work requirements along with the detailed plan for energy and operational cost avoidance, project schedules and project close-out requirements.

Once the project is approved, our project managers take over. They handle the hiring and managing of subcontractors, suppliers, as well as managing CTS employees who design and install the new automated building control systems. All you have to do is relax and know that your facility is in good hands.