The average K-12 building in the United States is 40 years old. According to the U.S. General Accounting Office, 14 million children, more than a quarter of American students, attend school in buildings considered below standard or dangerous and almost two-thirds of schools have building features such as air conditioning that needs extensive repair or replacements. Clearly students deserve better. Ongoing studies continue to show a direct correlation between the achievement of students and the condition of the school facility. Independent studies also indicate a direct link between shoddy school infrastructure and higher drop-out rates and lower attendance.

K-12 education is challenged with tighter budgets and dwindling allocations in the face of facility improvement needs. Deferred maintenance avoids immediate capital expenditures, but eventually results in building systems becoming inoperable and extremely inefficient.

The good news is those inefficiencies can be used to pay for much-needed improvements!

The resulting savings achieved by replacing the inefficient systems and infrastructure can be redirected to pay for the improvements through a lease/purchase funding mechanism, eliminating the need for up-front capital.  Contact us to learn more about how a CTS Group project can reap rewards far below the bottom line for your school district.

Case Studies

  1. Algonquin District 158
  2. Benjamin SD 25
  3. Champaign CUSD #4