Our focus at CTS Group is to provide new and updated facility solutions that improve your building environments, reduce energy consumption and enhance space utilization - particularly within public buildings and school facilities. We make it a priority to do this on time and on budget. And we create custom solutions specific to your needs. And not just any solution – the right one. The one that fit’s you best and performs as intended.

How do we do this? We handle everything for the project beginning with complete analysis of existing conditions and energy use, investigation of available options, design and engineering of the selected project, implementation of the project and management of all construction and contractors, training of your staff on system operation, and verification that the systems are operating as designed. We can also provide assistance in drafting grant proposals or in securing project funding. In the end, our solutions create excellent building environments which are healthy, comfortable, energy efficient and allow occupants to meet their full potential.

Our Solutions Save Money

We provide solutions that are designed to:

  • Improve overall comfort and safety of facilities
  • Reduce energy and operational costs
  • Provide project funding with guaranteed savings
  • Bring facilities up to date
  • Expand or replace facilities
  • Streamline maintenance and operation