This is a systematic, documented process that includes inspection and testing conducted to confirm a building’s HVAC systems are capable of being operated and maintained with the true intent of the design. Building commissioning is a process that verifies that an owner receives what is specified in the design documents. It can be considered a quality assurance program, ensuring that the owner receives the maximum life-cycle value from the system’s operation. New buildings that are not properly commissioned can suffer from a number of negative qualities, such as:

  • High energy costs
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Poor system control
  • Many other mechanical problems

What makes the indoor air quality such an important part of the overall ability of a building to function properly is that it can affect the comfort, health or productivity of the occupants in the facility.

This is how we make commissioning an important part of the overall success of the project:

Initial Involvement

We are experts in all phases of HVAC system Life-Cycle Analysis. We work with the design team to evaluate the needs of the building occupants. Alternative system designs can then be evaluated using Life-Cycle Analysis techniques to determine the optimal system design based on the goals of the building owners.

Design Review

Because we are a full service control system company, we pay particular attention to the control drawings and sequences of operation. Using our experience gained through design, installation and monitoring of actual HVAC systems, we assure optimized system control for the particular application.

System Verification

We monitor real time operating data continuously over the warranty period. This data will be analyzed to assure the system operates effectively over all four seasons, and then summarized to build a benchmark of operations for the HVAC systems.