We're not done when the project ends. When you work with the CTS Group, our team stays with you to make sure the project is complete and all systems are functioning properly, even if that means a couple years after the project is finished. We also make sure that the energy efficiency, occupant comfort and safety levels are what we promised. We even handle all warranty issues, as well as train your staff to operate the new system so that they're able to maintain it once the warranty period is up. There are two reasons for why we do this:

  • Some customers don't have a maintenance staff available to keep the system running
  • Trained staff may move on and leave the facility

Planned Service

Your building systems need to continually function as they were designed to. Unfortunately, changes to the system and unknown adjustments can occur, limiting the system's performance. That's why we schedule planned services ahead of time. These help make sure your systems and equipment are operating correctly, and that your facility is running at optimum performance.

Our project managers develop planned maintenance schedules ahead of time to address each system's level of need. Our technicians routinely check your system to make any necessary adjustments in order to keep them up and running at peak performance. Our technicians can even view your systems remotely. They view them online and can diagnose and correct problems without the need for an onsite visit.

Corrective Service

Sometimes, a situation can arise that needs specialized training — training the maintenance staff might not have. Our engineers and technicians can come in and quickly diagnose, repair or replace any needed parts or hardware. We also educate your staff and help them find the correct replacement parts they may not be familiar with. Doing this solves any system failures quickly and correctly, which minimizes any interruption in the facility's operation.

Critical Alarm Notification

Our CTS Group remote control critical alarm monitoring system lets you know when a problem occurs. By tagging specified systems and equipment with a critical alarm notification, appropriate staff or service technicians can be notified 24/7. When warned, they can correct the situation immediately.

Customized Maintenance Program

Implementing an appropriate maintenance program is necessary for a number of reasons. It helps keep the program efficient and it makes the right people accountable. One of most important parts of our job is to help customize a maintenance service plan that encompasses all of your specific needs. We put the right team together to make sure your plan is on par with your needs.

Our project managers will work with you to put together the proper maintenance program, help gather responses from potential providers and establish a custom program specific to your need.