We approach each project as a team. That means communicating with all the players, including the owners and required design professionals. This team approach provides a lower cost project that’s completed in less time and with better results. And, it gives you a single project manager to work with throughout the entire process. One who is accountable for all aspects of the project including design, construction and ongoing building performance.

Faster Completion Time

Because we establish project goals upfront and the team members work together to develop the most cost-effective solution, our projects are completed faster. We typically can cut the time to complete a project by one third, because we can start key elements while other aspects are still being designed. This means you get your building when you need it.

With CTS Group, you get guaranteed results. First, the project cost is guaranteed, meaning there will be no change orders. Typically, change orders of traditional Design/Build projects can add 8% or more to the final cost of the project. Not here. Our projects result in lower cost and better value, typically reducing costs by 6%. Couple that with faster project completion and the value really starts to add up. CTS Group also guarantees the energy and operational costs for the facility, which is something the traditional approach does not do.