Every day local governments are required to do more with less – budgets are stretched thinner than ever and rising energy costs are a further impact. Deferred maintenance avoids immediate capital expenditures, but eventually results in building systems becoming inoperable and extremely inefficient.

CTS Group is dedicated to assisting local governments in meeting the challenges of community sustainability and financial responsibility with projects designed to reap rewards far below the bottom line. Our proven turn-key solutions result in modernized facilities that operate efficiently while providing safe, healthy and more productive environments for occupants.

Higher Efficiency. Reduced Cost. Community Sustainability.

CTS Group has the experience and expertise to deliver local government projects that not only enhance a building’s environment, but also reduce the impact the building has on the world environment.

On average, green buildings use one-third less energy than conventional buildings. Through innovative designs, advanced heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting equipment our integrated systems will keep operations running at peak efficiency. CTS Group utilizes best practice standards to optimize and modernize facilities with proven technologies that lower costs while reducing the impact they have on the environment.

In turn local governments demonstrate good fiscal and environmental stewardship to their communities by implementing projects that utilize these high standards.

Custom Approach with Guaranteed Cost and Savings

All CTS Group projects are developed in partnership to meet your particular needs while maintaining the right focus of placing your interests first. Only after thorough investigation of facilities and energy usage do we begin to develop a solution addressing your specific circumstances.

Once the solution is designed, CTS Group provides a guaranteed project cost. The total cost is known upfront, eliminating future change orders driving the cost upward. Additionally, we stand behind our projected energy savings with a guarantee. If the savings are not met we will write a check for the shortfall. Our highly trained and experienced engineers design projects to perform as they are intended. We have never missed an energy guarantee.

We Not Only Help Local Government. We Also Help The Local Economy.

The money you spend on our projects stays in the local community, stimulating the local economy and creating local jobs.

CTS Group uses local contractors and labor on our projects whenever possible. Studies have shown that for each of our jobs, there is an estimated $3 million of new spending in the local community as well as up to 26 new jobs created or maintained for every $1 million of work we implement.* So not only are we helping update our clients’ facilities, but we’re also helping local families and businesses remain strong.

* This isn’t our fact. It’s from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce, RIMS II Multipliers.