Description: Facility Improvement Projects / Two Phases

Type: Guaranteed Performance Contract

Total Savings: $3,303,342 in Energy, Operations & Maintenance


Revitalize facilities to provide quality building environments for students and staff in a timely, cost effective manner.

Both schools had numerous small additions, but virtually there had been no upgrading of the original heating and ventilation equipment throughout the buildings. The air circulation was inadequate and the classroom temperatures would become very hot during warm spring, summer and fall school days. Both diminished the ability to provide comfortable classrooms, impairing students’ concentration.

Project Overviews

The District partnered with CTS utilizing the Performance Contracting project procurement method which provided a fast-track implementation schedule with the achieved savings being redirected to help pay for the improvements. The lowest life cycle engineered solution weighed upfront costs with long term operating costs. Both project phases included new roof top units and modifications to unit ventilators and air handlers and temperature control building automation systems.

Project Results

CTS’ alternative construction approach allowed design and construction to occur in parallel, allowing time compression and implementation. On-site project management coordinated the district’s preferred local contractors.

“I would like to express my appreciation for a job well done this summer. I was amazed at how smoothly everything was done. The communications were excellent. At first I was concerned about hiring a company out of St. Louis as our construction manager. I soon realized this was not a problem. CTS gave us terrific supervision and attention. It was like they were located just down the street. The installations were completed on schedule and within budget. Excellent work! I actually never had to deal with any construction problem and did not receive one complaint about the work done. Congratulations on an outstanding job this summer. We are an extremely satisfied and happy customer.” - Dr. Larry Weck, Interim Superintendent, Phase 1 Project

“Benjamin School District 25 has been very pleased with the services provided by CTS for the HVAC project for both schools. Just as important, the personal and timely communication that we received sets CTS apart from other competitors. The timeline for this project was very tight, and CTS was able to ensure the completion of the project on time and within the budget.” - - Dr. Philip M. Ehrhardt, Superintendent, Phase 2 Project

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