Overcoming Challenges


Unforeseen Challenges at Lincoln Elementary

  1. Due to aging of the building and piping, most of the cast iron drains broke during plumbing fixture demolition, and thus had to be replaced; this meant cutting into block walls to expose the pipes. However, we used this to add value for the District as we installed access doors in these locations for any maintenance needs in the future.

  2. Also due to the age of the piping, we found that the new toilets would not fit the existing carriers.  Therefore, all retrofitted restrooms had to have walls cut and new carriers installed.

  3. There were 17 classrooms with two (2) chalkboards each, totaling 34, that were adhered to a concrete substrate that was hand troweled on the walls. Numerous hours of grinding were required to remove, which resulted in having the mason on site to cut out all the mortar joints and tuck-point to make the walls match the rest of the facility.

  4. Two weeks into the project, we discovered that the schools ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) report was incomplete and the entire drywall joint compound was "hot".  Because of this, 1/3 of the school had to go under a full containment for the project.

  5. In the northwest 1958 addition, we found a direct bury cable feeding the electric service that was in poor condition and needed to be replaced.  Ultimately,  we ran an entirely new service to the addition.

  6. We found that the North Gymnasium doors had both steel beams and lintels that were completely rusted in half.  The actual doors were the only means of supporting the wall. We shored the walls and removed and replaced the old beams and lintels with ones that were brand-new.

All of the above were handled at CTS cost, most of them handled in overtime hours as not to sacrifice the schedule.

Benefits of Design-Build Approach